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Rotterdam is a great city to explore. Whether you like the hustle and bustle of a city, or the calming views over the river, Rotterdam is the place to be. Rotterdam offers amazing historic buildings, modern architecture, unique small and large shops, an immense variety of restaurants, tearooms and lunchrooms. You can look at all the ships and boats or turn your gaze up to the tall buildings. 

Also the surrounding area offers loads of beautiful and interesting places:

- Delft – a lovely historic city 

- Utrecht – a bigger city with a charming historic center 

- Go visit the beach for a relaxing autumn beach walk in Hoek van Holland 

- Visit Den Haag and / or Scheveningen 

- Amsterdam - the city the Netherlands is known for

But also other big cities outside the Netherlands are within reach by train:

- Paris – in a little over 2,5 hours you can be in the heart of Paris with the train (reservations required).

- Antwerp – in one an hour you can be in Antwerp (reservations required).

- Brussels – in a little over 2 hours the train will take you to Brussel (reservations required)

Visit to Rotterdam

For tourist information, click this link to the Rotterdam Tourist Information site on which you can find information on attractions, harbor / beach / nature, architecture, art & culture, shopping, drinks & dining, nightlife and hotels. And not just in Rotterdam, but also in the surrounding area. 
Most museums are closed on Mondays.

If you have any questions about visiting Rotterdam and the area or looking for something particular, please don’t hesitate to ask Rachel, she can help you with these questions.

Click this link for information on travelling to Rotterdam.

Here is a map of the metro lines, the Nhow hotel is located by the Wilhelminaplein metro station

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